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Valuation of existing enterprises
(Business, shares, securities)

Business Valuation - is to determine the most probable price of the enterprise as a commodity for which the undertaking may be sold. The benefit of the business to the buyer is determined by the size of profits generated by a commercial organization.

For the purposes of valuation, the term "business-to-business" refers to a property complex, including:

Property complexes

Stocks and shares in the authorized capital


Intellectual property


Rights requirements

Business Enterprise Valuation, you may need:

  • To decide on the purchase and sale of the business or any of its share
  • When lending secured by shares or a business (existing businesses)
  • When making property or part of the property to the charter capital of the company
  • To resolve any property disputes
  • Attraction of additional investments (emission)
  • Merger of companies
  • Absorption or expropriation of businesses
  • Reflect evaluation in the financial statements, as well as other decisions of administrative character

Business valuation services cost

The cost of business valuation and timing of their implementation depends on the volume of work (depending on the size of the enterprise and its specifics). For accurate information on the cost of services, contact us at the numbers listed above.