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Often in civil cases in the court, either during the preliminary investigation of the criminal case the court or the investigating authorities there is a need to address issues that require special knowledge in various fields of science, technology, arts, crafts and appointed expert. Examination can be charged to a forensic institution, specific expert or several experts.

According to Art. 9 of the Federal Law of May 31, 2001 N 73-FL "On State forensic activities in the Russian Federation" forensics - procedural action, consisting of research and expert opinion on the issues, the resolution of which requires special knowledge in science, technology, art or crafts and are faced with expert by the court, the judge, the board of inquiry, the person conducting the inquiry, investigator or prosecutor, in order to establish the circumstances to be proved in a particular case.

According to the procedural legislation of the Russian Federation judicial examination can be performed outside the state forensic institutions by experienced people in the field of science, technology, arts or crafts, but non-state forensic experts (Article 41 of the Federal Law of May 31, 2001 N 73-FL).

Our company performs various types of judicial and pre-trial examinations:

Judicial appraisal expertise - is a necessary procedure, when the parties come to a dispute or court proceedings come to a standstill, introducing each other very differing assessment. In this case, the examination is carried out on the basis of a court ruling. In this case the appraiser gets expert status, taking on the rights and responsibilities set out in Article 85 of the Civil Procedural Code of the Russian Federation.

Judicial appraisal expertise you may need:

To assess the immovable or movable property

For the evaluation of intangible assets

To assess the value of the business (enterprise)

When assessing the material damage and / or loss of profits

And so on

The judicial construction and technical expertise — procedural action, consisting of research of construction projects and areas functionally linked to them and gives an opinion on the issues set by the competent authorities.

Forensic building technical (construction and engineering) examination is carried out:

In the study of households in order to establish the possibility of a real interface between the owners in accordance with the conditions set by the court; develop options for the specified section for determining the damage caused to real estate (apartments, houses, buildings, structures)

In the study of project documentation, construction projects in order to determine compliance with the requirements of special regulations

In determining the technical condition, the causes, conditions, circumstances and mechanisms of destruction of buildings, the partial or total loss of their functionality, performance, aesthetic and other properties

In the study of construction projects, their individual fragments, engineering systems and communications equipment in order to establish the scope, quality and cost of work performed, materials used and products

In the study of the premises of residential, administrative, industrial and other buildings damaged by the flood (the fire) in order to determine the value of their reconditioning

If any violation of the terms, quality and value of the works and related projects occur etc.

Financial-economic expertise-the implementation of a package of measures, the purpose of which is to determine the financial condition of the organization, financial decision tasks, compliance with legislation in the sphere of financial relations.

Financial and economic expertise you may need:

To establish the presence / absence of signs of deliberate and fraudulent bankruptcy

To identify the causes of failure of compensation to the creditor losses

To analyze the financial condition of the business entity

To determine the non-compliance of regulations and contractual obligations when making settlement, economic, financial, credit and banking operations

Reviewing the conclusions of experts and procedural justification for challenging the judicial pre-trial examination or in the case where there are doubts about the validity of the expert opinion produced by the court

Review expert or specialist you may need:

When the incompetence of experts (disparity of education for the research conducted)

When there is insufficient experience of the expert's work (a low level of training)

If the wrong choice of research methodology (methodical recommendations)

When using literature is not approved by the (regulatory, scientific or educational)

Failure to comply with the approved order of the study (calculations)

In the absence of justification, giving a false expert conclusion and other violations

Cost of services

The cost for the examination, drawing up a review of the expert or professional and the timing of their implementation depends on the volume of work (depending on the type of examination carried out and the type of property, as well as the examination and drawing up the report stipulated by the court in determining). For accurate information on the cost of services, contact us at the numbers listed above.