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Consulting services, business planning

Our company has extensive experience in investment consulting and evaluation of investment projects, we offer our clients a range of services that allows making informed decisions at all stages of the project: from the first conceptualization of a project to its completion.

Investment consulting

Consulting - a kind of intellectual activity, whose main task is to analyze, justify the prospects of development and use of scientific, technical, organizational and economic innovations based domain and customer problems, i.e. consulting - type of services provided by outside consultants to clients interested in optimization of their business.

Investment consulting - a kind of intellectual activity related to the Customer consulting on investment of its own or borrowed funds (or capital) in the business, in order to obtain a reasonable profit for the latter.

The main objective of the investment consulting is a professional advice to heads of enterprises and investors to choose the most optimal scheme of investment and choosing the most effective use of the property.

All of the major challenges of the economy are solved with the help of investment - from the creation of new objects of business before the upgrade and modernization of existing enterprises.

Our company provides the following services in the field of investment consulting:

Development of intra-business plans

Development of business plans of investment projects for the purposes of obtaining debt financing in the credit and financial institutions of the Russian Federation (in accordance with the requirements of the bank)

Comprehensive support for investment projects in the initial stages of its implementation

Development of business plans of investment projects for the purpose of obtaining state support for them (in accordance with the requirements of the enforcement authorities)

Development of business plans of investment projects for the investor search purposes, including the project for inclusion in the single register of attractive investment projects of Krasnodar region

Marketing research

Audit and related services

Currently, the audit activity has two components: the actual audit (statutory audit) and audit-related services.

In accordance with the Law on audit activity under audit-related services are understood other than audit services related to expression of independent opinion in the prescribed form about the organization of information, as well as the following services:

statement, restoration and maintenance of accounting records, preparation of financial (accounting) statements, accounting consulting

tax counseling

analysis of financial and economic activities of organizations and individual entrepreneurs

economic, financial and management consulting, including related to the reorganization and privatization of the organizations

conduct agreed with the entity's financial information validation procedures, the compilation of financial and (or) other information about the organization

The result of the provision of audit-related services are the documented results of a calculation, consulting, writing composed of primary documents, accounting registers, reports and certificates, and so on. N. In addition, the audit organization may issue written information management and (or) the owner of the economic entity as a result of provision of audit-related services.

Cost of services

Cost of services and terms of their performance depends on the complexity of work. For accurate information on the cost of services, contact us at the numbers listed above.