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Government agencies:

  • State Atomic Energy Corporation
  • Russian Federal Property Management Agency Territorial Directorate for the Krasnodar Territory
  • Department of Property Relations of Krasnodar Region
  • Department of the municipal property and urban land municipal entity administration of Krasnodar city


  • PAO Bank "FC Opening"
  • PJSC "Krasnodar Regional Investment Bank"
  • CB "Gaztransbank"
  • JSC "Bank Intesa"
  • CB "Kuban-Credit" LLC
  • JSC "Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development" (JSC)
  • PJSC VTB Bank of Krasnodar city
  • PJSC "Sberbank of Russia"
  • JSC "Bank of Moscow" (LLC)
  • JSC "Absolut Bank" (PJSC)
  • PJSC "Svyaz-Bank"
  • JSC "Investment Bank of Kuban» (CDBBANK)
  • etc.

Non-profit organizations:

  • Association "Krasnodar Interregional self-regulating organization of arbitration managers" “Unity "
  • NCP "Kuzbass OJSC's"
  • NCP "Association Interregional self-regulating organization of arbitration managers"
  • NCP "Moscow self-regulatory organization of professional arbitration managers"
Building sector
GC "WKB-New"
LLC "Construction Company" Kuban "
LLC "CM" Krasnodar "
GC "Evropeya"
CJS "Lotus Plus" (SC Meriton)
Production of building materials and structures
"Plant for pipe insulation" Ltd.
"Southern Pipe Plant" Ltd.
"Choice-S" Ltd.
"Novorosmetall" Ltd.
"Abinskiy Elektro Metallurgical Plant" Ltd.
Chemical and oil industry, mining and processing
JSC "LUKOIL-Chernomorye"
LLC"RN Krasnodarneftegaz"
LLC "Stavrolen"
JSC "DPC" Plastik "
JSC "Leading Research Institute of Chemical Technology".
Agriculture and Agribusiness
Stock company "Agrocomplex" N.I.Tkachev
AgroHolding "Kuban"
JSC "Stavropol Broiler"
LLC "Chateau de Tal"
JSC "AIF" Fanagoria "
Housing industry
JSC "Krasnodargorgaz"
LLC "Krasnodar Vodokanal"
JSC "Kubanenergosbyt"
Ltd. "GAM-Krasnodar"
JSC "Novorossiysk management company"
Resort and recreation industry
NAO "Center" Omega " 
JSC "Sochi-Park"
NAO "Krasnaya Polyana"
LLC "Top Project"
The transport sector
LLC "BazelAero"
JSC "Tuapse Commercial Sea Port"
JSC "Sea Port of Sochi"
Commercial and retail
JSC "Tander"
LLC "Leader" - "the OZ MALL"

Within the framework of the project "Expansion of UGS to ensure gas supply to the gas pipeline" South Stream "(Western Corridor), our specialists took part in the selection of land (highway) for the construction of investment object, the establishment of land boundaries, setting land and topographic surveys, determining damages for loss of profits caused by the owners, land users, land owners and tenants of land seizure or temporary occupation of land, restriction of the rights of land owners, land users, land owners and tenants of land; in calculating the value of biological reclamation of disturbed lands.

With the annexation of Crimea to Russia and the change of the status of the Republic of Crimea our company in close cooperation with the public authorities is conducting assessment services of state property in the framework of cooperation with the state autonomous institution "Executive management of ARC property", State Unitary Enterprise "KRYMGEOLOGIYA" and non-state property, for example: PJSC "Crimean soda plant", LLC "Krymproekt", JSC "Crimean wine and cognac plant" Bakhchisaray ", PJSC" Krymmoloko ", etc.