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According to Civil Code of the Russian Federation things (property) that are in public circulation are either immovable or movable property.

Every year in our country about 4.5 million transactions of purchase / sale of real estate is made (the data of the independent portal on insurance). The number of transactions on movable property cannot be counted because of the lack of need for their registration.

Making a decision about buying or selling a property you need to weigh a number of factors, and the best option would be to appeal to professionals who conduct an independent evaluation of the purchased or sold assets.


The cost of real estate assessment is the process of determining the value of the property or individual rights with respect to the property being valued.

Article 130 of the Civil Code to the immovable property (real estate) are plots of land, subsoil, and all that is firmly connected with the land, i.e. objects, move them without disproportionate damage to their purpose, including buildings, structures, unfinished objects construction. Immovable things include residential and commercial spaces, as well as designed to accommodate vehicles of the buildings or facilities (parking lots), if the boundaries of the premises, parts of buildings or structures are described in the legislation on the state cadastral registration procedure.

Immovable things are also subject to state registration of aircraft and sea vessels, inland vessels. Real estate and other property can be attributed by law.

In accordance with the Federal Valuation Standards (FVS№7), the object of evaluation can be properties - built-up land, undeveloped land, capital construction, as well as parts of land plots and capital construction projects, residential and non-residential premises, together or separately, taking into account the related property rights, unless it is contrary to the current legislation, as well as the share in the right to property.

Most often you may need to include evaluation:

  • apartment
  • household
  • garage or parking space
  • land
  • non-residential premises
  • real estate complex
  • single real estate complex.

Assessment of movable property

Valuation of movable property is the process of determining the value of the object of movable property and legal rights to it.

Things that do not belong to the property, including money and securities are recognized as movable property. Such objects can be moved without causing a significant harm to them. Personal property must meet two criteria: have a strong bond with the land and the law does not apply to real estate. Registration of title to movables is not required, except in cases specified by law.

In accordance with the Federal Valuation Standards (FVS№10), assessment of objects include individual machines and pieces of equipment, which are the products of machine-building production or analogous thereto, a plurality of groups, collectively) machinery and equipment, machine parts and equipment, together or separately, as well as objects of evaluation may act as subject to state registration of aircraft and sea vessels, inland vessels, space objects.

Most often, you may need to include evaluation:

vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers for passenger cars and trucks, a special self-propelled machinery, buses, aircraft and ships)

technological equipment (as separate units or as part of the production lines)

office equipment, computers

furniture, industrial and household equipment

stocks of goods and materials

Evaluation of immovable or movable property value, you may need:

  • To decide on the purchase and sale of property, or any of its share
  • When lending bail
  • When making property in the authorized capital of the company
  • When assessing the Company's funds
  • When setting on the balance sheet
  • When you join the legacy
  • To resolve any property disputes
  • At the conclusion of the insurance contract
  • In determining the tax base
  • For investments
  • And so on

Cost of services in property valuation

The cost of property valuation and timing of their implementation depends on the volume of work (depending on the property type of its specificity). For accurate information on the cost of services, contact us at the numbers listed above.